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We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide network and years of experience. We love what we do here at Vraj Yoga Tours and we do it with a passion. We look forward to taking you on The Tour!

Govinda Andriollo

Tour operator & logistics manager

The tours, travel arrangements and logistics are all managed by Govinda Andriollo. He looks forward to meeting the participants each year and welcoming them to India.



Born in Vrindavan of an Italian father and Indian mother, Govinda Andriollo grew up surrounded by the culture and stories associated with the holy sites of Vrindavan.  After finishing college, he spent a number of years working in the hospitality industry in Europe and Australia.

As a result of his experience in the industry, Govinda was asked to oversee the tour part of the Rutgers University Hinduism Abroad program, and it was his experience in this capacity that led to the creation of  Vraj Yoga Tours. 

Govinda currently resides in Vrindavan with his Australian wife Radha. He speaks English, Hindi and Italian fluently. 

Edwin Bryant

Associate Advisor

Professor Edwin Bryant, Hinduism Professor at Rutgers University, who lived in Vrindavan (Vraj) for many years and still visits yearly, is advisor to Vraj Tours. 


Titles by Edwin Bryant.

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