Vrindavan village

Vrindavan, is the holy town at the centre of the area known to locals as Vraj, the land sacred to Lord Krishna, perhaps the most popular of all Hindu forms of Divinity (Isvara).  Vrindavan is one of the holiest sites of India, and attained its heyday in the 16th century, as can be evidenced from its magnificent Rajput architecture and monumental temples.

Keshi Ghat

These temples were built on the various sites where Lord Krishna is held to have enacted his pastimes with his beloved devotees five thousand years ago.  The little town is home to more than 5,000 temples – in fact, almost every home is a temple – its streets teeming with wondering sadhus (monks) mingling with the cows, and its airways filled with the sounds of temple bells and scriptural recitations. 

Our Classic Vraj Yoga Tour opens up a window into bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion, in the form of temples, kirtans, and pujas, etc. Students will have the opportunity of a deep encounter with a quintessentially Indian holy town, that is not on the regular ‘tourist’ trail of India.