Vraj Yoga Tours offers a once in a lifetime trip and allowed for each of our retreat participants to deeply experience all that Vrindavan has to offer.  Our Tour guide Govinda went above and beyond the call of duty.  He handled everything behind the scenes in a professional and timely matter.  We have used them the last two years and will be using them again for a third year and beyond. As a retreat leader, he makes my job effortless. His knowledge and love for Vrindavan is infectious and impressive.  I was overwhelmed with joy numerous times in watching his skill in taking care of each person individually while also running the logistics of where and how to be at the next destination spot.  Govinda has real insight into the culture having grown up in India. With Vraj Tours, you get to participate in the true culture and bhakti love that India has to offer.  It is a gift that is beyond words.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions – I would be happy to share our experience (including marketing and pricing from the home studio point of view).  

– Shannon Elliott, owner of Onyx Yoga Studio, NJ.  shannon@onyxyogastudio.com

Vraj Tours curates an experience of Vrindavan that is sure to be treasured for a lifetime.   I know that our group would not have had the experience that they did without all those involved organizing the Tour.  They possess a depth of knowledge, professionalism, excellent communication skills and responsiveness in coordinating with us behind the scenes that made things run smoothly and positively.  I witnessed sensitivity and attentiveness to each member of our group that set the tone for what is possible and most beneficial in holding space for people’s different responses to what they encounter in this rare travel experience.  At its best, one of the most beautiful and moving things about Vrindavan culture is a near impossible level of humility, hospitality and service.  Growing up in Vraj themselves and being seeped in this culture, the ethos of the teachers and guides of Vraj Tours is such that these bhakti values are embodied to such a degree, that interactions with them become one of the celebrated, lasting impressions that myself and members of our group take home from India.  We’re so grateful to have the opportunity to offer this experience of India through Vraj Tours for years to come.  Feel free to reach out to me for more information about our experience.  Revisiting India memories is always a joy. 

– Gabriella Perrotti, E-RYT  www.birdseyeyoganest.com

I have been dying to go to India since I was 19 years old. Fourteen years later, I was finally ready to answer that call, and it could not have happened any sooner than it did.

This trip fulfilled and exceeded absolutely everything I have ever dreamed about seeing and doing in India.

My soul felt more at home in India than it ever has in NJ and the only reason I returned home was knowing that I will be back.

– Kate Branciforte

We have had a number of students from the Rutger University attend our tours, if you are interested in the University Student Testimonials please visit link below:


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