Yamuna River

Yamuna, also known as Kalindi, along with the Ganges is the most holy and famous river of India. She begins her course high up in the Himalayas at Yamunotri and flows down the plains, specifically, to come to Vrindavan. It is often said that rivers are the lifelines of any civilization. This situation is a perverted reflection arising from Yamuna being the lifeline of Lord Shri Krishna’s pastimes in the land of Vraja. We see that in all the pastimes of Lord Krishna, Yamuna Devi is always there enhancing the mood and sweetness of the pastime. Krishna would take His cows for grazing the sweet juicy grasses that grew along the banks of the Yamuna. Yamuna would supply water to Krishna’s calves and cows. Yamuna’s water was sweeter than the sweetest of all nectar, always at perfect temperature. Within these waters of Yamuna, He would have swimming and splashing and all different kinds of sportive games with the Gopas in Sakhya Rasa (mellow of friendly relationships). Sri Yamuna devi also served as the playground for Nauka Vihar (playful boating pastimes of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna).