Vrinda Kund

Srimati Vrinda devi, who is also present in the form of the most purifying and merciful Tulasi devi, is a dear associate of Srimati Radhika and Shyamsundar, and is eternally engaged in their loving service in Sri Golok Vrindavan.

The enchanting Vrinda Kund, situated near to Nandagaon, is the abode of Srimati Vrinda devi, and it is from here that she contemplates and makes the required arrangements for the pastimes of the divine couple. With the help of her pet parrots headed by Daksha, she collects the information about all the happenings in Vraja and makes all the preparations for the meeting of Radha Shyamsundar accordingly. Commemorating the pastimes of Vrinda devi in this holy place, a kund (holy pond) and a temple of Vrinda devi were made, where a beautiful deity of Vrinda devi is worshiped, holding a parrot in her hand and smiling mercifully upon all the visiting vaishnavas.