Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi

Studded with a number of ancient and modern temples, Mathura is the abode of God and divinity.

Hinduism finds here a new dimension which is the colour of love with which Lord Krishna wanted to bind this entire world. The mild sound of devotees taking the hundred and eight names of Lord Krishna all day long covers the entire ambience of Mathura. The immense belief of the pilgrims coming here from various parts of the world is something that gives Mathura a well-deserved importance in the itinerary of Indian pilgrimages.

It is true that Mathura is the holiest, and it is the only place in the universe where Brahma and Shakti have been manifested at the same place. It is in Mathura that Lila Purushottama Sri Krishna and Ashthabhuja Ma Yogamaya manifested.

The clearance of the birthplace of Lord Shri Krishna led to the recovery of many portions of a 1500-year-old temple, including the sanctum sanctorum (Garbha Griha) and a throne.