Radha Kund & Shyama Kund

This is a very tranquil and peaceful place. Gaudiya vaishnavas consider it to be the most holy place in the Vraja area.

For years Radha Kund and Syama Kund were lost, and no one knew exactly where they were located. When Sri Chaitanya came to Vrindavan in 1514, He rediscovered these two important Kunds. The story of Radha Kund is that a demon named Aristasura, in the body of a bull, was killed by Krishna. The gopis (cowherd girls) told Krishna that for killing a bull He had to purify Himself by visiting every single holy place in the three worlds. Krishna then said, “Why should I visit all these places, I will just bring the water from all these places here and then bathe in them.” Krishna then struck His heel on the ground and all the waters of the holy places entered into Syama Kund. The gopis led by Radharani then dug another pond nearby with their bangles. Then a representative of all the sacred places told Radharani, “Our lives would be successful if we could enter your pond.” The holy waters from Syama Kund then flowed into Radha Kund with the permission of Radha.