This is a famous village where Krishna lived with His ‘foster parents’, Yasoda mayi and Nanda maharaj.

After leaving Gokula because of the disturbance created by the demons, Nanda maharaj first stayed at Shakatikara (Chhatikara), and then at Dig, and then at Kamyavana, before finally settling at Nandagaon, where he built a permanent residence. It is said that Krishna was in his sixth year when His foster parents Nanda and Yasoda arrived at Nandagaon and He remained there until He was almost eleven, when He left to reside in Mathura with his actual parents, Vasudev and Devaki, to whom He was born in prison cell of Kamsa.

This was the site of Nanda maharaja’s residence known as Nanda Bhavan where Krishna and Balaram lived; the word ‘bhavan’ means a palatial residence. The present temple of Krishna Balaram has been built on the spot where Nanda’s maharaja’s residence once stood.