Vrindavan Tour (Vraj)

Our ethos is that yogis have a much richer cultural experience when they go deep into one place. By seeking to fit too much travel into their visit, a tour of India can all too often end in exhaustion and a superficial impression of Indian culture. 

Thus in our Classic Yoga Tour package, yogis will have a prolonged experience of pre-modern sacred India in the holy site of Vrindavan, and also gain a sense of the power of Moghul India during the day trip to the Taj Mahal in the nearby city of Agra. An optional addition to this tour includes a trip to the royal Rajput city Jaipur. 

Here we present these two standard tours: our Classic 7 night Vrindavan (and Agra) Tour, and an extended 10 nights Tour, where 3 nights in Jaipur are added to the Classic Vrindavan Tour. These two tour itineraries have proved to be the most popular, but tours can be customized in length or by including additional components such as a visit to Rishikesh, the new world capital of Yoga! Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know all your tour travel needs.

First destination – VRINDAVAN (VRAJ) – 7 Nights

The Vrindavan part of the tour will feature different cultural experiences each day. The first day usually initiates the tour with an orientation session – discussing issues such as clothing, water drinking safety, etc.- and opportunities to change money, followed by a shopping expedition to Loi Bazar, where students can enjoy bargaining for saris and salwar kamiz’s with help in bargaining from their guide, and be able to pick up any toiletries or other needs.

Subsequent days explore the central features of the town – its thriving magnificent 16th century temples; bustling lanes teeming with itinerant holy men of all sorts; merchants piling their various colorful wares; meandering sacred cows who control the flow of traffic in the streets; mischievous monkeys, always ready to snatch fruit or food from unwary pedestrians; and the ubiquitous rickshaws . 

A kirtan boat trip on the sacred Yamuna river provides an excellent view of the waterfront with its majestic medieval buildings in the company of devotional Hindu musicians performing their traditional kirtan.

A visit to the Vrindavan Neem Karoli temple has also proved popular in the past, and we will also experience some of the glamorous glitzy modern temples springing up on the periphery of the old town.  Students will have ample opportunities to participate in kirtan, and witness ritual pujas and ceremonies. Apart from such highlights, students will encounter many other fascinating sights, smells, tastes and sounds of daily life in a medieval Hindu holy town.

But activities will not only include sight-seeing and shopping: the tour will include a visit to the Sanipani Muni school for impoverished girls who would otherwise not receive an education (anyone wishing to bring pens and stationary for the girls from the West will find they will be gratefully received); a visit to Radha kunj – the pond sacred to Krishna’s consort Radharani, Queen of Vraj, where students will have an opportunity to feed the widows, many of whom come to seek shelter of Lord Krishna in Vrindavan after being abandoned by their families; and a visit to the Care for Cows Sanctuary, where injured and sickly street cows are cared for and given a home.  

Additionally, a day trip from Vrindavan will feature the Taj Mahal in nearby Agra.  Time permitting we can also visit the Agra Red Fort on this trip.”

Second destination – JAIPUR – 3 Nights

The standard Jaipur City three night tour is typically added immediately after the 7 night Vrindavan Tour noted above. After setting off from Vrindavan in a coach, we will stop for vegetarian lunch on the road to Jaipur, then arrival at our hotel, the Diggi Palace, a converted Rajput Palace.  The first afternoon will be spent shopping for Rajasthani handicrafts in the city’s main bazaars. In the evening, the tour will visit the Royal temple of Radha Govinda, once the original deity of the Radha Govinda temple (which we will have previously visited in Vrindavan).  The deities were given shelter in Jaipur by the king, who built a magnificent temple for his beloved Govinda (Krishna) in his palace grounds, when Vrindavan was threatened by Moghul iconoclasm. After darsana (seeing the deity), our evening meal will be in our own personal favorite vegetarian restaurant in Jaipur right next to the temple. 

The second day, after full breakfast in the hotel, will feature a visit to the Jaipur Royal Palace grounds and museums.  The grounds also includes medieval astronomical instruments, including the world’s largest sundial. This visit will take up a good part of the day, after which everyone can decide whether they wish to visit another site, such as the Hawa Mahal, or any other place of interest to the group in Jaipur, or continue shopping in the bazaars. Students might like to visit the Murti Bazaar, a neighborhood of narrow lanes and alleys in old Jaipur where most of the marble statuary and temple deities in India are made using centuries old craftsmanship and techniques. Visitors in the past have picked out beautiful Ganeshas or some other deity of choice, the eyes and features of which can be painted right there on the spot as per request. On the third day, after breakfast at the hotel, we can visit a popular nearby attraction, the Amer mountain fort, where elephant rides are an option, or any other tourist attractions, such as some of the city’s museums (students are welcome to make suggestions to visit places that they may have researched). On the fourth day, the Tour will head back to Delhi after breakfast,-where students can be dropped off at the airport, or downtown if they wish to spend time in New Delhi on their own. We will stop for a meal on the return trip. 


The Classic Vraj Yoga Tour covers:
– Airport to Vrindavan Taxi
– Drop off to airport at end of the tour 
– 7 nights lodging (Economy or Premium*)
– 3 daily meals (Economy or Premium*)
– All costs for excursions and activities noted above
– All travel expenses and entrance fee to the Taj Mahal

Include Jaipur for an additional fee within your Classic tour, covering:
– Transport from Vrindavan to Jaipur and back to New Delhi
– 3 nights in the Diggi palace hotel
– Entrance fee to the Jaipur Palace museums on the second day – Entrance to the Amer fort on the third day
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner ~ vegetarian meals

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~ *As indicated under the facilities link, there are two residential options in Vrindavan. Please note either Economy or Premium as your meal/accommodation choice this will effect the price.
~ Please note if students wish to participate in the Jaipur option, stay in Vrindavan longer, or go elsewhere – this will affect the price.
~ Shorter or longer tours of Vrindavan will be calculated per day proportionately to this standard fee.
~ Our standard fee per person is only for groups of at least 10 people (rates for smaller groups can be negotiated); however, it may be possible for individuals or very small groups to join other groups who have already booked and thus avail of the standard fee. 
~ The rooms included in the package accommodate two students ( but one can rent a room alone by paying an extra charge).
~ Please don’t hesitate to contact us about special room, dietary or travel requirements.