Rishikesh Tour (Himalayas)

Our ethos is that yogis have a much richer cultural experience when they go deep into one place. By seeking to fit too much travel into their visit, a tour of India can all too often end in exhaustion and a superficial impression of Indian culture. 

Thus in our Yoga Tour package, yogis will have a prolonged experience of sacred India in the holy site of Rishikesh, and also gain a sense of the power of Yoga there. An optional addition to this tour includes a trip to Gangotri & Gomukh Glacier (Source of the River Ganges). 

Standard tour package options:

  • Classic seven nights Rishikesh Tour: includes local day trips and sightseeing.
  • Extended twelve nights tour: where five nights are added to reach and visit the mountain town of Gangotri and return to Rishikesh.
  • Extended fifteen nights tour: where three nights are added to reach the Gomukh Glacier and back to Gangotri of which two of those nights will be spent at the base camp of Bhojbasa before returning to Gangotri town.

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First destination – Rishikesh – 7 Nights

The Rishikesh part of the tour will feature different cultural experiences each day. The first day initiates the tour with an orientation session – discussing issues such as clothing, water drinking safety, etc.- and opportunities to change money, followed by a shopping expedition to Lakshman Jhula, where students can enjoy bargaining for saris and salwar kamiz’s with help in bargaining from their guide, and be able to pick up any toiletries or other needs.

Subsequent days explore the ancient temples in and around Rishikesh; bustling lanes teeming with itinerant holy men of all sorts; merchants piling their various colorful wares; meandering sacred cows who control the flow of traffic in the streets; mischievous monkeys, always ready to snatch fruit or food from unwary pedestrians.

A visit to the Ganga Arati at Triveni ghat and Parmarth Niketan have also proved popular in the past. Students will have ample opportunities to participate in the Arati, and witness ritual pujas and ceremonies. Apart from such highlights, students will encounter many other fascinating sights, smells, tastes and sounds of daily life in a Hindu holy town.

But activities will not only include sight-seeing and shopping: the tour will include meditation by the banks of the river Ganges too. 

Second destination – Gangotri – 5 Nights

The standard Gangotri five nights tour is added immediately after four nights of the Rishikesh Tour. After setting off from Rishikesh in a coach up the windy mountain roads, we will stop for a vegetarian lunch on the way to Uttarkashi where we will spend the night in a hotel which is also the half-way point to Gangotri. That evening will be spent visiting an ancient temple and shopping for handicraft.

The second day, after breakfast at the hotel, we will set off by coach to Gangotri. On the way we will stop to have lunch in Gangnani and after that resume our journey. Once we reach Gangotri we will check-in to our hotel; That evening will be spent sightseeing and shopping.

The next day we will explore the temples and landmarks around Gangotri. After spending the two nights in Gangotri, the next morning we will head back to Rishikesh the same route as we took on the way up.

Third destination – Gomukh – 8 Nights

The standard Gomukh three nights tour is added immediately after two nights in the Gangotri Tour.

Early in the morning we will start our 14 km trek to Bhojbasa (6 to 8 hours trek), choice will be given to walk or to take a pony for the trek. On the way we will encounter beautiful panoramas. Once we reach Bhojbasa, we will spend the first of the two nights there in a base camp; the next day will be spent trekking up to the Gomukh glacier and back down to Bhojbasa (4+4 km) for the second night before heading back to Gangotri the following morning. Once we reach Gangotri we will spend one night there then head back via the same route to Rishikesh for the remaining three nights before heading to the airport.


The Classic Rishikesh Yoga Tour covers:
– Taxi from airport to Rishikesh and back
– Seven nights lodging
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner ~ vegetarian meals
– All costs for excursions and activities noted above
– All travel expenses and entrance fees

Include Gangotri and Gomukh for an additional fee within your Classic tour, covering:
– Transport from Rishikesh to Gangotri/Gomukh and back
– Transport back to the airport
– Five to eight nights in various hotels on the way and back
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner ~ vegetarian meals

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~ Please note if students wish to participate in the Gangotri and Gomukh option, stay in Rishikesh longer, or go elsewhere – this will affect the price.
~ Shorter or longer tours of Rishikesh will be calculated per day proportionately to this standard fee.
~ Our standard fee per person is only for groups of at least 10 people (rates for smaller groups can be negotiated); however, it may be possible for individuals or very small groups to join other groups who have already booked and thus avail of the standard fee. 
~ The rooms included in the package accommodate two students ( but one can rent a room alone by paying an extra charge).
~ Please don’t hesitate to contact us about special room, dietary or travel requirements.